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And When We Break, We'll Wait For Our Miracle

God Is A Place You Will Wait For The Rest of Your Life

Two Headed Boy, She Is All You Could Need
18 September
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Can you inject love's tender touch back into the gang bang?
Can you knit the stiletto back to the bloodstain?
Can you put the bite back the the beast you've broken, tied and tamed?
Can you crease the wrinkles back into the cracked and open brain?
So doctor won't you pull the fucking plug?
Won't you cut the cord?
Because you can't put the life back into this hospital ward.
She's gonna make it out ok...
But she's shaking like a revolution...
And she stares at the fire all day...
Mumbling to herself...
"Every hole has a snake in it...
Every crotch is a siamese gun,
Every ray of sunshine hides a cancerous chime,

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